Sidari Greece: Outfits and Travel Guide

Hey Guys!

So sorry that its been 2 months since my last post but May and June were crazy busy months for me with uni exams, finishing second year and holidaying in Greece but most importantly MOVING TO LONDON.

But what I have today is a post all about my holiday to Corfu, Greece at the end of June. The weather was amazing and we had the best time. So carry on reading if you want to see what I wore and what I got up to while I was away.

We stayed in a place called Sidari right in northern Corfu. We stayed in Christos Apartments, which looked onto the Canal D’ Amour. A beautiful little cove and place to swim. The apartment was great for what we needed for the week and had a little kitchenette which came in super handy. We booked our holiday through Thomas Cook and it was honestly the least stressful holiday I have ever planned we had transfers to and from the airport included and a rep which we could meet throughout the week if we chose to. If you are looking for a holiday that you can book and just turn up at the airport on time the Thomas Cook are the people to go with.

mango 2mango 3mango 6

For the first night when we out for dinner I wore this amazing dress from Mango which sadly I can’t find online now but here is one similar, my sandal are from Primark and my bag is also from mango, similar here. Sorry I couldn’t find all the Mango stuff online their whole website is sale right now but these items might still be in store?

plt missguided 2plt missguided

Another night for dinner I wore this pink bardot top is from Missguided my Gingham ruffle skirt is from Pretty Little Thing my sandals are from ASOS and mt bag is from Mango again.

newlook white 2newlook white

Sorry about the quality of these photos the flash went super over exposed on the white top. But my top is from New Look and so is my skirt and my sandals are the same as before from ASOS.

new look skirt 2new look skirt 3

This next outfit was a super comfy one to wear to dinner! My top is from Brandy Melville, my skirt is New Look via ASOS, my sandals and bag are as before and my sunglasses are also New Look.

old town asos 2old town asos 3old town asos

On one of the days we took a trip into Corfu old town. It was so fun to explore all the markets in the streets and the views of the sea where amazing! I wore this beautiful white dress from ASOS that I got from my friend whilst she was interning there but there is one similar here, then my sunglasses and sandals are as before. My bag is from H&M it is one of the Conscious Collection shopper bags that you can pick up by the till for like £1.99 and it fits so much in it!

old town 2old town 4old town seaold townspiral old town


On the last night I wore this lemon print blue jumpsuit from Glamorous you can get it via Topshop. Its so easy to wear this jumpsuit and whenever I do where it I always get complimented on it so go get yourselves one here.

And that’s all the outfit picture I got on holiday in June. We also did a boat cruise all day and visited the islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos. The waters were crystal clear and amazing to swim in. You are out all day so for 22 Euros you can’t really go wrong.

anti paxosantipaxos 2antipaxos 3antipaxosblue lagoon 3blue lagoon 4

Just one last holiday pic to show you all how amazing the sunsets on the beach in Sidari were.

sunset 3

Thanks for reading and hopefully you got some holiday outfit ideas if not a new holiday location to try out! I will be aiming to post more regularly as I get more settled in London so watch this space.



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