Uni Outfit Of The Day:

Hey guys!

Sorry there has been a bit of silence on here in the last few weeks but the intensity of the second year has well and truly kicked in. Anyway here is an outfit I wore to uni last week, when the sun popped out for one day in Manchester but it was still quite crisp:


Coat ASOS sale here, Zara premium sweatshirt collection here, Topshop blue Joni jeans here, H&M half style gold loafers here, New Look green tote bag similar here, Sunglasses H&M but similar here.

This outfit is easy to put together combining trends for Spring such as ruffled sleeves and pink as well as loafers. I have been searching for a pair of slip on loafers for a few months now and I finally found a pair in H&M the other day. These were quite painful when I wore them for the first time on this day but I’m sure with a bit more wearing-in they’ll be fine. Once again I am wearing my trusty leopard print coat which seems to go with everything right now. Classic blue Joni jeans that have definitely seen better days. And now my go to green bag from New Look that I can just through everything into.

Hope you liked this sort of Winter into Spring outfit, I’m hoping that the weather is turning but it is Manchester so you never know. Hoping to be putting up a current beauty favourites blog post soon featuring Zoeva and Anastasia Beverly Hills. so keep your eyes peeled for that.






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