Interrailing series: 3 days in Budapest

Hey guys!

If the title hadn’t given it away already the post is about the time I spent in Budapest while interrailing last month. Budapest was our penultimate stop in our trip and I think it might have been my favourite, we stayed for three nights in a hostel called Your Mom’s (no I’m not winding you up this was genuinely the name.) We were in a 8 bed mixed dorm, with showers and toilets just across the hall, it was a really fun hostel to stay in as all the staff encouraged you to join in with drinking games and activites they hostel in the games/common room the hostel had, this made it easy to make friends with other travellers.

We travelled from Vienna to Budapest early afternoon and then got a train to near our hostel, after checking in we went for some food and to a bar/hostel called Retox which was just next door to our hostel. The next day we got up early and headed to the Budapest Market hall which was filled with food, clothes and everything budapest related you could dream of. Semi-fun fact the market hall was designed by the same architects who created the Eiffel tower.


After this we walked along Liberty bridge (the big green one) on the Danube.


We still didn’t really know that much about the history of Budapest so we found a free walking tour, I’m not sure of the name of the company but the tour guides all wear blue t-shirts the link to their Trip Advisior is here. Our tour guide was called Norbert and he was amazing, very funny but informative and held our attention for the 2 hours we were on the walking tour. we wend all over the Buda and the Pest side of the city as it is actually in two parts separated  by bridges.


The tour ended on the Buda side by a sight seeing spot called the Fisherman’s Bastion. That evening we went of a all-you-can drink drink boat party called Shipwrecked for 9000 Hungarian Forint about 28 Euros you also get free entry to a club after. It’s safe to say that I took full advantage of the alcohol that night.


The next morning after an understandable lie in we went for some food and then headed to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath one of the most popular spas in Budapest to recover. There are 18 indoor and outdoor pools in varying temperatures.


The spa was so fun and just what we needed relax and get in the right mindset for going out again that night. We went to Szimpla and Instant ruin bars/clubs. They were really cool as the clubs had been restored using reclaimed furniture.

IMG_6398IMG_6402IMG_6403IMG_6942 The next day we got our train to Bratislava sadly our final stop. Budapest was super fun and cheap, possibly because it still uses its own currency not the Euro, we just got the Forint out in Budapest this was easy with cash points everywhere. As always I hope you found this post interesting and might have given you some ideas of what to do if you visit the city.




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