Interrailing series: 48 hours in Vienna

Hey guys!

This is now the forth installment of my interrailing series. So far in the trip we had visited; Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague. Our next stop was Vienna in Austria. We caught the train in the morning leaving Prague for Vienna. For this train we actually managed to get seats for the whole journey this time which was great. Again in Vienna we stayed in another Airbnb. It was quite hard to find due to the language barrier of booking the Airbnb with someone who English isn’t their first language, hence making the directions hard to follow. But eventually we found our appartment and because we had a kitchen in the Airbnb we cooked dinner there to save money.

The next day was the full day we had in vienna so we got up early and headed into the centre of the city in the direction of the food market or otherwise known as the Vienna Naschmarkt. We took a few detours along the way and walked through the Burggarten.


We made it to the market and walked around all of the stall first which were selling; fruit, veg, spices, olives and many other things including clothes. As well as stalls there were lots of restaurants we decided on an Asian fusion restaurant which was delicious.


After some yummy lunch we caught a train to Donauinsel otherwise known as The Danube Island. This is a long thin island in the middle of the river Danube in Vienna they have loads of places to eat along the riverside as well as a man-made beach. While on the island we hired a pedalo boat for a hour, with four of us it worked out as 4 Euros each.


After the pedalo trip we hopped back on the train to Prater Park this time. Prater Park is an amusement park which opened to the public 250 years ago. It was filled with rollacoasters and fairground stalls. It’s free entry and you just pay for the rides you want to go on. We went on three rides and got Candy Floss it was so fun.


In the evening instead of going out we decided to go to a rooftop bar to watch the sunset and have a few drinks. We went to the 25Hours Hotel rooftop bar, it was stunning.


And that is everything we got up to in Vienna it was short and sweet but a really fun time in the city, the next morning we headed off to Budapest for 3 days, that will be my next post.




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