Interrailing series: 48 hours in Prague

Hey guys!

Its time for the third installment of my interrailing series, our third stop was Prague in the Czech Republic. We caught a 1pm train from Berlin to Prague again we had the problem of the train being fully booked even though you didn’t need to reserve seats but eventually we found seats and not long after were in the Czech Republic. In this city we chose to stay in an Airbnb. After a day filled with travelling we just went for dinner and had a chilled night before a big day of sightseeing.

The next day we walked into the centre of Prague to try and find another walking tour as none of us knew that much about Prague. We did find one however it was a bit repetitive and our tour guided had a very strong accent so we decided to split off from the tour for some lunch by one of pragues squares. One thing that struck me was just how pretty Prague was, all of the building were so ornate and decortative.


After a spot of lunch we decided to walk all the way up to the top of Prague castle to get a panoramic view of the city.


After walking up to the castle we thought we deserved a treat so went in search of these donut/icecream cones we had seen on facebook that you could get in Prague. We found a stall and I can confirm these taste amazing, I has mine filled with nutella, whipped cream and strawberries!


One last tourist stop we wanted to go to whilst in Prague was called The Lennon Wall. This is a wall filled with grafiti and paint, which first originiated in the 1980’s when the residents of Prague wanted to rebel against the comunist regime in place at the time. They did this by painting murals of John Lennon and quotes about peace. Now you can paint whatever you want on the wall with just a small donation to the charity that looks after the wall. IMG_6252IMG_6255IMG_6256IMG_6257IMG_6259IMG_6265IMG_6275

After we visited The Lennon Wall we had a raspberry mojito at the Lennon pub and then got ready for a night out, we went to Roxy. One thing also worth mentioning is how cheap prague was but it is a different currency so we just got the Czech Koruna out in the country. The next morning we got on our train to Vienna our 4th stop on our trip.

Hope you liked this post and again it gave you some inspiration of fun things to do whilst in Prague for a short amount of time.





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