Interrailing series: 48 hours in Berlin

Hey guys!

This is my second post in my interrailing series, my first was on our 3 days in Amsterdam. Our second stop was Berlin. The train from Amsterdam to Berlin was six and a half hours. We decided to catch the 9.01 train as this would get us into Berlin with still a bit of the day left. In Berlin we stayed in another hostel called: Hostelo Berlin Mitte we were in a six bed mixed dorm. This was a really good location as it was out of the main city centre which made it cheaper but a few minutes down the road was Gesundbrunnen underground and in a few minutes you were back in the heart of Berlin. By the time we had found our hostel and settled in we went to dinner at The Bird Berlin, they had the best burgers ever! If you do end up going I had The Filthy Harry, it was 13 euros and you get salad and loads of fries with it as well.

The next day was sadly our only full day in Berlin, we got up early and headed into the city on the underground to find a free walking tour. We found one with a company called Sandemans. We started the tour at the Brandenburg Gate where you can find loads of tours in all different languages. The tour took us to; The site of Hitler’s bunker, Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, Gendarmenmarkt, The Berlin Wall, TV Tower, Pariser Platz. It was really interesting learning about the history of the city and how it had been so divided until relatively recently. This is definitely a must do if you don’t know that much a about the city you are visiting. Although the tour is free you are expected to hand in a donation as a thank you for the tour but this is up to you.


After the walking tour because it wasn’t included we headed over to the East Side Gallery. Technically it isn’t a gallery but it is the longest surviving part of the Berlin wall that stands today. Now it is covered in graffiti and street art on both sides of the wall.


Currently the East Side Gallery is being used to promote the war in Syria with an exhibition called WARonWALL where pictures of Syrian residents who have been effected by the ongoings in their country. It was very eye opening and interesting. After visiting this part of the Berlin Wall we got ready to go on a pub crawl that we booked onto when on the walking tour it was 12 euros for the tour and you go to 4 bars and then a club at the end called Matrix.


The pub crawl was crazy with over 200 people on it, at one point we all got on the subway to get to the club which was funny. The next morning we checked out of the hostel had a little last walk around then headed to the train station and onto our next stop, Prague.


Thats what we got up to in Berlin this post is a lot shorter than my other one as we only had two nights in Berlin but I hope you still found this post some sort of inspiration for a trip to Berlin. If I could have stayed longer and explored more I would it was such a beautiful city in its own way. Next up is my Prague post so stay tuned for that on Sunday.




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