Interrailing series: 3 days in Amsterdam

Hey guys!

So if you have read my previous blog post (linked here) you will know that I recently got back from a trip interrailing across Europe. If you don’t know what interrailing is it’s basically a really quick way to see a lot of Europe in a short amout of time. You travel from country to country on trains, hence the ‘rail’ part of interrailing. On our travels we stopped off in Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava. In the following blog posts I will be sharing with you where we went in the cities day and night. I am also a university student and so were the three friends I travelled with so this hopefully will be a guide of how to do interrailing on a budget. Anyway that was a very rambly first paragraph on with our first stop which was Amsterdam.

We flew to Amsterdam on the 11th of July but it was in the evening so by the time we got to our hostel we only had the evening there if you are wondering we stayed at the Aivengo Hostel whilst in the city you can find the link here. We booked into a 10 bed all girl dorm, however I would recomend booking mixed dorms for hostels as they are normally a bit cheaper then all girl/all boy. We booked mixed dorms for the rest of our trip. So on the evening of the 11th we just walked around the city exploring the the canals, the place is like a maze because it all looks the same so I would recomend always having a map on you.


Above is us being way to excited getting onto the plane to fly out and a group picture from our first night in Amsterdam. The 12th of July was our first full day in the city. Now as I’m sure most of you know Amsterdam is famed for its red light district. Personally its not somthing I agree with but in the name of culture and getting a full tourist experience we walked along the canals at the heart of the red light district. We also visited a sex museum which was ‘interesting’ to say the least.

After this we walked south to the Rijksmuseum and the Moco museum. At the Moco museum we saw a Banksy x Andy Warhol exhibition. This exhibtion is open till the 4th of September 2016 so if you are going to Amsterdam before then I would seriously recomend checking it out; here are some of my favourite pieces:


In the evening we went out for drink at a place called Hill Street Blues it had a really cool vibe there and all the walls were covered in graffiti.


Our second full day was the 13th of July we headed to this vintage flee market called Waterlooplein Market where there were hundreds of cool stalls to look at. After this sticking to the theme of being super original tourists we hired bike and rode around the city.


After the bike rides we just had a chilled evening with dinner and got come crepes which were amzing I unfortuantly can’t remember the name of the place we went to but there are loads of creperies in the city. The 14th of July was our last full day in the city, it was also my friend who we were travelling with’s birthday. We went for lunch at a place called Blue Amsterdam  which had 360 views over amsterdam which was so pretty.


After an amaxing but still quite afordable lunch we walked around the flower market and then went to the Van Gogh museum which was really cool to see his paintings and drawings in real life. For my friend Esme’s birthday we went out that night to a club called Paradiso which was like an old church converted into a night club which was super fun.


One last thing we did before leaving Amsterdam the next day was do to the I Amsterdam sign and get some pictures by it, its very touristy there but I would still recomend it.


The next morning we got on the train to Berlin after an amazing few days in Amsterdam. I hope you have found this blog post interesting and found some sort of inspiration for things to do if you are visiting the city this summer. My next post will be about our time in Berlin.




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