Holiday OOTD’s

Hey guys!

I’m back again! Sorry (again) that I havent been blogging for the last few months. Uni life kinda went crazy after the london trip with assignments, exams and cheerleading. But I am finished for the summer now so I am going to endevour to blog more now that I don’t have university work to do.

At the begining of June I went to Spain for a week with my mum and sisters. While I was there I took some outfit pictures I want to share with you all. Originally I was going to try and take photos of everything that I wore whilst I was away but that didn’t work out as we all just got caught up in the holiday but I managed to get a few photos so here they are;

Outfit 1:


My dress is from Primark, originally I only bought it as a fancy dress option when I dressed up as sebastian the crab from The Little Murmaid but then this dress grew on me and I think I’ll get lots of wear from it over the summer. My necklace is vintage, earrings are River Island, my watch is Olivia Burton and my bracelet is River Island again.

Outfit 2:


Sorry if I look a bit squinty in these pictures the sun was directly where I was looking at the camera. My dress is from New Look its quite old so I’ll try and link something similar here. My shoes are from New Look (similr original sold out) and my watch is the same as before.

Outfit 3:

outfit 2outfit 3outfit 4

My top is from Topshop (similar), my jeans are the jamie style from Topshop, my shoes are from New Look again. My chocker is also Topshop and watch same as before.

Outfit 4:

outfit 6outfit 7outfit 8

My vest top is from H&M, my skirt is Missguided (similar), my shoes are New Look again, if you can’t tell these shoes go with pretty much anything!! My earrings and bracelets are River Island as before, my watch is Olivia Burton as before. MY necklace is vintage.

Outfit 5:

outfit 11outfit 12outfit 13

My lace-up bodysuit is from Missguided. My trousers are from Topshop, I cannot explain to you guys how comfy these trousers are and how much wear I have got out of them. My heels are from H&M.

Outfit 6:

Selfie 9I didn’t manage to get a full outfit picture for this one. My sunglasses are from H&M (on sale now get them quick, my swimsuit is from H&M (sold out online might still be available in stores) and so is my playsuit.

I hope you liked this post, and it might have given you some holiday outfit inspiration. I am going to try and post two times a week on my blog from now on. Don’t hold me to that but I am going to give it a go!





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