Hello..It’s me

It has been a long time since I have been active on here. I am sorry for that but over the last four months my life has changed a lot! At the end of September I moved away from home to go to university in Manchester. This was by far the scariest thing I have ever done, and I have trekked in the Thai forest! I feel like since I moved away from home I haven’t really had a chance to stop and take a breath. What with throwing myself into the first year of my degree, (I’m doing a degree that still sounds weird) I joined the university’s cheerleading squad after not cheering competitively for nearly three years. I also managed to transfer my job up north as well so have been working almost every weekend from when I arrived in Manchester.

I was always really looking forward to coming to university, people always tell you it will be the best time of your life, and since I’ve been up here I have had some of the best days that I’ve never laughed so much a stupid things. I have met some amazing people on my course, who I live with; four out of the 10 people in my current flat as well as me are going to live together next year as we just sorted a house on Friday. Who I cheer with and also who I work with. This all comes with trying to find the right balance, be this a uni work, work, life balance. Or even saying to yourself I just need a bit of time in my room alone tonight and that’s okay. I have also begun to realise more that you and only you alone can make uni and moving away if you want it to. I could have chosen to stay in my room during Fresher’s because I was anxious about meeting so many new people who I didn’t know anything about, and they didn’t know anything about me! What do I say about myself? The girl from the country who’s lived in three houses on the same street and moved away from home at 18 but has been all the way to Thailand and Cambodia. Then I started to realise you only get out what you put in, you have to make the effort with people.

amy's bdaybonfire night 2bonfire nightchristmas dinnerfreshers weekgerman marketgirls nighthalloweenliamliverpoolsaint raymond

So I went to University on the first day, hungover from the night before but honestly I thought I was about to disintegrate with the amount of nerves I had inside of me. But I listened to the welcome lectures and introduction to the course and thought ‘oh my god I’m actually a university student!!’ I have now got a lovely set of girls on my course who I’m friends with, one of which I’ll be living round the corner from next year.

I also cannot advocate to anyone more how important I think it is to join a sporting club or society at uni, as I said earlier I joined cheerleading. I am so glad that I did, one it has kept me fit and active by exercising twice a week also I have met so many lovely girls doing it. Not just in first year but also girls on the committee and second and third years who have returned to carry on cheering for MMU. I am going on a tour to Spain at Easter with the whole of the sports societies, which should defiantly be interesting…

cheer galscheer mealCheer socialcheerleadingcheer love

I have met loads of new people from working at a new and MUCH bigger store in Manchester, by saying yes to work nights out and pushing myself to go to the Christmas party I made new friends all from different backgrounds and places.

work palswork party

Basically what I am trying to say is that University and moving away from home is the hardest but best thing I have ever done, of course there are times when deadlines have been looming or the 9am lecture comes and I think, do I really need this? But if you put yourself out there no bad will come from it. You just learn, who you get along with well and who you think; wow we have such different views on things but that’s okay! Everyone is different, some people have said to me, university is a time to re-invent yourself and become a different person but I disagree. It’s a time to have a blast, do what’s right for you and learn who you actually are not change to who you think you should be. Because pretending and lying to yourself is the worst thing you can do. If people don’t accept you for who you are, well then that’s their problem and it should not bother you!

This I a very rough and raw blog post, don’t know how long I’ll even keep it up for but I just felt like I wanted to catch you up with everything before I get back to the fashion and beauty blogging that I do still love and do really want to get back into. As I have been buying a lot of new things recently…




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