Sephora Haul! 

Hey guys!

So today is pretty surreal I found out my A-Level results and from September I will be attending Manchester Metropolitan University to study Fashion Buying and Merchandising. I can’t believe it! Anyway judging by the title you are reading this for a Sephora haul so on with the post…

As I mentioned in my Prezzo date and outfit post I went on a trip to the south of France for a week, just outside Carcassonne. On one of the days I was there went into Carcassonne to shop and see the Cite. This was my first time going to Sephora and oh my word it was amazing!! Me and my friend who I was staying with spent well over an hour exploring every part of the store which was on two floors. I was trying to be restrained what with me soon to become a student and all that! However I did pick a few bits to share with you:



nail-files-editedI first picked up some Sephora nail files in a two pack as I heard that they are really good, I now confirm that they are good, not too abrasive on the nails but still files them down nicely. Being double-sided is an added bonus.


Up next is the Invisbobble, now I do feel like I am a little bit late to the party with this one but as I only recently got my hair cut shorter again parts of my hair at the back are too short to tie up but these little guys get all those bits that normal hair bobble miss. Don’t ask me how it works, all I know is they are great and will be useful as my hair grows out.


I also grabbed a cloth/fiber face mask, I’m sure we’ve all seen these mentioned in Youtuber’s hauls or vlogs so I wanted to try one out for myself. I got the one in Pomegranate flavour/sent. It did feel rather strange on the face as it clung onto my skin for 15 minutes but the next morning my skin did feel really soft and maybe a bit energized too. However it didn’t smell like Pomegranate’s that much.

eye-pencil-edited eye-pencil-open

The fourth thing I picked up was a brown eyeliner from Sephora’s makeup range. Whilst in the shop I swatched it next to Urban Decay’s glide on eye pencil in Roach and the Sephora pencil is an almost exact dupe for around €20 cheaper. I wore the eyeliner just under my lower waterline for a party the other night and it held up really well. Also it’s a mini size so is great for popping in your handbag as you run out the door if you need to top up during the day/night.




And lastly I bought this Benefit cosmetics ‘Primping with the Stars’ I think that this is what I was most excited about.inside it you got six mini sized products to test out before you want to invest in the full size of the product. So far I have used 4 out of the 6 products. You can get this set in the UK from here.

The POREfessional, Girl Meets Perl highlighter, They’re Real mascara and Stay Don’t Stray eye primer. I like the POREfessional but have only used it twice so can’t give a full review but as first impressions go you don’t need much product to help minimise pores.

I am in love with the Girl Meets Perl highlighter it is pink toned with a subtle simmer but it’s not too in your face.

The They’re is one I have heard mixed reviews on not only for its price point but also look on the lashes. I am impressed with it and have used it pretty much everyday since I got the set, it is very long-lasting and makes my lashes look really long!

As for Stay Don’t Stray I have used it once, on the same night as the brown eyeliner but it lasted well and was a close match to my natural eyelid colour. I am planning to test it against my Urban Decay primer potion to see which lasts the longest so look out for that post coming up.

The other two products are the Benetint lip and cheek tint and the Somekind-A-Gorgeous cream to powder foundation. I will endeavour to try these soon but I feel that the Somekind-A-Gorgeous foundation might be too dark for me so I am tempted to try it as a cream contour.


So that is everything I picked up from Sephora in France, I picked this all up for around €54 if you are wondering. I hoped you liked this post and are enjoying the end of the summer.




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