What was in my January Look Fantastic box…

Hey guys!

So Look Fantastic is a brand that I have heard a lot about so I finally got around to ordering myself one of their January boxes. It cost me £15 but has products in there that come to the value of over £45. The delivery was also super speedy! This is what the box looks like when it arrives:


When you open the box you get a guide to the products inclosed and this is what my box looked like:


In my box I had; Gatineau collagen eye compresses, Nuxe Soothing and rehydrating fresh mask, My Vitamins Vitamin C tablets, Goldwell restorative hair mask for coloured hair, Molton Brown Eucalyptus body wash and Philip Kingsley daily damage defence heat protector spray.

Out of all six products I received I have used five, the only product that I haven’t tried out was the Goldwell restorative hair mask for coloured hair, as my hair is not dyed at the moment. If you have been following my blog for a while now then you’ll know that my hair was dip dyed blonde at the bottom until August when I had my hair cut short. But I am planning to dye my hair in the summer for festivals so as long as the product is not out of date by then I will save this haircare product till then.

The first product that I used was the Gatineau collagen eye compresses you leave them on under the eyes for 10 minutes. I definitely felt like my under eyes were more hydrated and felt softer, however because there are only 2 pads in the packet the effect would be longer lasting if more pads were in the packet but still a thumbs up from me. Here are some selfies of me with the eye pads on…

IMG_1623 IMG_1625 IMG_1698

I started the My Vitamins tablets the day that I got my Look Fantastic box, they are an orange flavour and dissolve in water and taste like squash. They not only give you vitamin C but also lots of other vitamins that you need. There are 20 tablets in the pack, and I am trying to have one drink a day with the tablet in.

IMG_1617 IMG_1702

The Nuxe Soothing and rehydrating fresh mask smelt lovely and left my skin feeling amazing! I also love the fact that it is a fresh product and has a fairly short use by date of 6 months, this means that you know all the ingredients in there are good for you and not filled with chemicals to preserve the life of the product. I have only used the mask once but can wait to use it again. I had also never heard of brand Nuxe before but will now be investigating further.


Heat protection spray is always very important when using any kind of heat on your hair, but this is a step that I often miss. I now have an incentive to use heat protection spray now I have my Philip Kingsley daily damage defence spray. It also smells amazing.


Finally was the Molton Brown Eucalyptus body wash. This sent I think is one that you will either like or loathe. I really like it, the sent is minty while you are using it. Normally I prefer sweeter sent’s but I actually really like this body wash. It is also a very good travel sized bottle.


So that was my round up of what I got in my January Look Fantastic box, I think it is a great way to try out new products that you might not have heard of before. I will definitely be ordering a February box. See you soon.




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