New year…Not quite new me…

Hey guys!
How the hell is it the 4th of January 2015 already?! I know its cliché but 2014 was both one of the best years so far but also one what went so quickly! And now 2015 has rolled around this year excites me but also is very daunting as in 2015 with some luck I will be off to university and moving out away from home for the first time longer than a month (when I went to Thailand and Cambodia for a month!). I can’t wait to start this new part of my life. Everybody always sets themselves New Years resolutions, I always make them but by the time March rolls around they are a lost cause. So this year I am going to do something a little different, my main New Years resolution is to get fit and healthy again. In the past I was active and partook in cheerleading, dance and went to the gym. But recently with life an my studies getting in the way of being fit, so this year I am going to try everyday to be a little bit  more active wether that is going for a run before or after school or even taking the dog on a long walk. I’m not going to kid myself and say that I will be able to this every day but I am aiming for four/five days a week. Here are some photos of how I’ve got on so far.

On New Years Day I went for a walk with my family in the countryside at a place called Avon Dasset a hilly country part with a little wooded area too. It was so windy up there it definitely blew away any cobwebs I had from the night before. Here are some photos I took from that day:

IMG_1355 IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1358 IMG_1360 IMG_1362 IMG_1363 IMG_1364 IMG_1366

On the 2nd of January I went for a morning run, it was cold but really sunny! Today I went for another morning run and it was freezing, I nearly slipped on ice! but I took these pretty pictures from the top of the hill that I ran up.

IMG_1429 IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1432 IMG_1433

This is the outfit that I wore this morning:

IMG_1427 IMG_1428

My top is from a brand called Rab and this is there special Meco fabric which is amazing, this kept me warm whilst skiing last January and cool when in the jungle in the summer. My shorts are USA Pro and my trainers are the Nike Flex Experience and I got them in the sale from Sports Direct just after Christmas.

I hope you liked this fitness inspired post it’s something a little different for me, but I’d quite like to track my progress throughout the year on here. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have had a great start to the new year!




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