New winter additions to my room!

This post is something a little different to what I normally do, it’s sort of a mini home haul/room inspiration.

As its Christmas I added some gold baubles to my windows, I also have white fairy lights which I keep up all year round. These baubles are vintage:



I recently went to IKEA in Southhampton (it was massive!) and I picked up a chunky knit cream throw and is a winter edition. It’s called Vinter 2014, It was £25 but I think it’s worth the money because of how warm it is. It is much needed as it is getting colder here in the UK. My bed linen is also IKEA but has been discontinued or was out of stock when I checked their website but one similar is Majvita. Whilst still in IKEA I picked up this bedside table lamp, it’s white frosted glass with a cherry blossom pattern on it! It was a bargain at £7 the name is Kunbbig. The book next to my lamp in the photo is Us by David Nichols, he wrote One Day which is an amazing book. I haven’t read much of it yet but I like what I’ve read so far!



The final new addition to my room are lights from Paperchase, these are sooo cute I love them, they look like pegs and have red, green, blue and yellow lights behind them! Again another bargain at £8. I plan to clip in photos taken over Christmas in the lights!




I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post from me and I had possibly given you some inspiration. Have a fabulous Christmas whatever you are doing over this festive time of the year!



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