Cambodia, Angkor Wat, project and S-21

Hey guys! I’m slightly sad about writing this post as it’s going to be my last instalment about my trip to Thailand and Cambodia. If you have been keeping up to date with my other posts you might be wondering why I am not breaking Cambodia down into more than one post but this is because I was only in Cambodia for about ten days or so and the rest of the month was spent in Thailand.

The first thing we did after arriving in Siem Reap Cambodia we went to a floating village called Kompong Phluk, it was really cool to see how other people live in other cultures.

DSCF1415 DSCF1425

The next day we got up super early to watch the sun rise at Angkor Wat, however it just gradually just got lighter and there wasn’t definite sunrise but it was still amazing to wander around the old temples and even got to see where Lara Croft was filmed. Also a little fact for you Temple Run was based on Angkor Wat!

DSCF1491 DSCF1496 DSCF1519 DSCF1525


After this it was time to move onto the last phase of the trip our project, we went to Ptea Teuk Dong, which was a centre that helps underprivileged families, there was a school on one part and a mushroom farm on the other where the mushrooms were sold for profit to help the families of Battambang. The project was probably my favourite part of the whole trip as I got to teach English in the school and meet loads of the children from the nearby village who were really sweet. Here are some of the pictures I have! 🙂

A roundabout we painted.
A roundabout we painted.


Making friends on the swings.
Making friends on the swings.

DSCF1549 DSCF1555

The cutest sisters ever!
The cutest sisters ever!

After an amazing project we went to Phnom Penh before flying home, we had one last full day so decided visit the Killing Fields and S-21 which were used during the terrible Khmer Rouge rule of terror. Where millions of innocent people were killed, although it was really sad I felt that it was important to be informed about a countries history!

DSCF1560 DSCF1565 DSCF1586

And thats it! the last post, I hope you have enjoyed these series of blog post about my time away and maybe they have given you ideas about where to go in Thailand or Cambodia.




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