Munich photos and outfits of the days!

From last Thursday until yesterday evening I was in Munich, Germany on a art trip and I thought I might share some of the photos I took while I was there and also show you what I wore.

On the first day when we arrived at the hotel our rooms were not ready so we had no time to change and could only wear what we travelled in i don’t have any pictures of this outfit as it was just some loose patterned trousers from Vera Moda and a white vest top from Gap. But here are some pictures from Nymphenburg palace, the palace and grounds were stunning.
The front of the palace.

The grounds.

Another shot of the grounds.

on our second day we went to the Deutsches Museum, the Munich Olympic Stadium and BMW World. The Deutsches Museum had everything in it from air crafts to how to make paper.
Amazing decorative kites.

The Olympic stadium was amazing our group we got a tour all around the stadium and we got to go inside the changing rooms were FC Bayern Munich played. There was the longest table football table in the world I believe (don’t quote me on that).
The 1772 Olympic Stadium.



My outfit I wore on this day was a black cropped top from H&M and a orange three-quarter length skirt with a graphic floral print on it in cream and black.

This is me and my friends Lis and Eve on either side of me.

This is half of our group at the stadium.

On the third day we visited two museums Pinkothek der Moderne and Museum BrandHorst. The Pinkothek was the first all art based museum we had visited it, I loved some of the crazy art in it here are a few pictures.





My outfit for the Saturday was the same black crop top from H&M, a black pencil skirt from H&M and then finally a kimono from H&M again.

This photo is of my main group of friends on the trip.

We also went out into the city centre that night so I made a quick outfit change into a high collared crop top and my white jeans from H&M.

I am in the middle.

On the sunday the fourth day we went to a concentration camp in Dachau, it was really hard-hitting and sad but also very interesting.

The foundations of the barracks.

The fence.

The fence and the watch tower.

Steps to a converted church.

A memorial statue.

My outfit I wore on this day was a navy and white striped dress from H&M and nude mary-janes from Primark.

On the final day before we flew home we visited the Residenz Museum and Haus der Kunst. The Residenz Museum was a massive royal house/palace. It was very decadent and ornate.





Again I wore a basic outfit as I was flying later so I had on a pair of checkered black and white trousers from Topshop and a white vest top from Gap.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures. I am off to Thailand on monday so won’t be able to post for a month but when I get back expect a lot of posts on that!



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