Outfit of the day

For my first outfit of the day post and seeing as we are nearing the end of march I hoped that it would be more of a summary outfit that I’m showing you. Sadly not as it’s frosty this morning so I had to change my outfit at the last minute! So here is what I’m wearing…

I am wearing a white sleeveless top from Boohoo, with lace detail on the front and shoulders. The top also has a really cute collar on it.
My chunky jumper is from Topshop, I got it around Christmas so I think that it is just out of stores now. I love the thickness of the knit but the pattern makes it not swelteringly hot! The jumper is navy but also has accents of cream in it!

The Chelsea boots I have on are from H&M and are really easy to wear with most outfits, and they are super comfortable!

Finally one accessory/essential for me is my rose gold oversized watch from River Island, personally I don’t tend to buy many pieces from River Islands clothing collection but I love their jewellery!

I have opted for basic hair and makeup today with a high ponytail and Maybelline the falsies mascara, for my lips I have there she goes the lip bullet from Topshop!



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